Maps such as these allow you to create detailed simulations using The ONE simulator and synthetic movement models such as the Working Day Movement (WDM) model. The rar files below contain everything you need including, home, office, and meeting point locations, as well as bus routes for the Greater Manchester area.

In order to make your own maps, you basically:

  1. Use Open Street Map to acquire the maps and convert them to the WKT format.
  2. Somehow get bus timetable and route information. I got the bus routes for Greater Manchester thanks to Swirrl and Open Data Manchester. I then managed to convert them to WKT format, but I don't remember how I did that last step (sorry).
  3. Add landmarks such as homes and meeting places to the map. I used OpenJUMP for this.

The end result is a map such as the one in the image below (scroll down).


4th hour.

WKT map of Manchester opened with OpenJUMP.

Here are the maps, try opening them in OpenJUMP, they look pretty:

The points of interest I've added to the Manchester map for the movement model are (in no particular order):