You can find more about my research at various places, including:

Security and Big Data

In 2015 I worked with sampled traffic data obtained from large IXPs in Germany (about 5GB of data each day), focusing on amplification attack and source IP address spoofing detection. This was part of the Periskop project at Freie Universität in Berlin.

Wireless Networking and Human Mobility Modelling

My previous research interests included peer discovery and multi-hop data delivery algorithms for Opportunistic Networks (OppNets). OppNets are formed when personal mobile devices such as smartphones communicate directly with each other as they move around over short range wireless connections. In other words this creates an Internet of People. Peer-to-peer and opportunistic data forwarding algorithms from Delay Tolerant Networking (DTN) (which also the basis of communication in the Deep Space Internet) can then be used to pass data around the network.

The data collected about encounters between devices can also be used in human mobility and spatio-temporal data analysis research.

Neuroscience and Emulation

I have also contributed to the SpiNNaker project at the University of Manchester. SpiNNaker is a novel computer architecture inspired by the working of the human brain. I coded the emulator which allows SpiNNaker applications to be run on desktop PCs as the SpiNNaker hardware is expensive to produce and in short supply.